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We founded CASA DI GUDO with one goal in mind: to design and produce creative and unforgettable events for every occasion. From small intimate affairs to large-scale parties, we strive to execute events that not only aim to impress, but also create unique experiences for our clients and their guests that last long after the fun is over. 

Casa Di Gudo: Wedding & Travel



Step 1

Selection of Package, Price Point and Venue. Couple to explore options of location to start the quotation process. It can be based on our existing standard Wedding Packages.

Step 5

Once advance is received, a team will be arrange for the selected date.

Step 2

Customization of Package. Couple to add or remove services and inform us the countries it needs to be legalised. Couple to provide their intended travel or ceremony date.

Step 6

 Styling, Concept and Theme to be finalized from floral arrangement, make up, hairstyle, invitations, etc.

Step 3

Approval of Package. Couple to send their Passport Copies for Drafting of Contract. We will send the Contract along with Sample Itinerary, Bank Requisites and Travel Reminders.

Step 7

Wedding Day! 

We will provide support for all the services needed on marriage registration and ceremony.

Step 4

Upon sigining of Contract, Advance Payment shall be arranged via Bank Transfer, Western Union, Money Gram and Similar Platforms.


Step 8

Planner will arrange the processing of your marriage documents obtaining Legalisation/Apostille and Translation.




From the couple's end, they will provide Passports Only. We will arrange Witnesses, Translations and Notary.

If traveling with friends and family, they can be your witnesses as well. 


Payment Terms

Advance Payment to be transferred via Bank, Western Union, MoneyGram and Similar Platforms whichever is convenient to the couple. Balance to be paid upon arrival to Tbilisi, Georgia.


Gown & Suit

Bridal Gown Rental is available in Tbilisi, Georgia. It starts from $100 and above depending on the dress. However, Suit/Tuxedo is not commonly available for rental. Plan your travel dates accordingly to have at least 1 free day to visit shops.

Apostille & Legalisation

Included in our Package is One Country Legalisation/Apostille with Translation.

Couple may add Legalisation/Apostille for any specific country available depending on their country of Residence or Citizenship.

COVID19 Restrictions

Citizens of any foreign countries, traveling to Georgia via any route are no longer obliged to present either Covid-vaccination certificate or PCR-examination negative result report from June 15, 2022.


We provide Witnesses free of charge as as included in the package. If the couple is traveling with friends/family, they can be the witnesses. Just provide us their passport copies for advance processing so it will be ready prior to your arrival.

Processing Time

Marriage Certificate in Georgian is issued the Same Day you signed/registered even during Weekends. Apostille or Legalisation with Translation is 4 Working Days. Consular Legalisation takes around 2 Working Days for UAE & Qatar.

Travel Insurance

Typically presented to the Airline Staff during check in on the day of your departure.  Please contact your Airline if included on your ticket. If not, you may purchase via this link to TBC Insurance.


Renewal of Vows

If you are already married and would like to Renew your Vows or have a Symbolic Ceremony in Tbilisi, Georgia - It is possible. We will remove Marriage Registration aspects in your package and offer you a reduced and discounted rate. 

Booking & Reservation

Once package is finalized and approved by signing the Contract, Couple shall transfer the required Advance Payment in order to reserve the desired wedding date and Casa Di Gudo Team. 


Visa Free Entry

Georgia is visa free for Citizen and Residents of GCC Countries, EU and Other Selected States. Please visit this link for Complete List of Countries. If not listed, you may opt for Georgian E-Visa.


Weather & Season

Summer - Late June to Early September

Autumn - Later September to October

Winter - November to Early April

Spring - April to Early June

There’s no definitive ‘best time to visit Georgia': Every season offers something different.




13 Shalva Dadiani

Tbilisi, Georgia

Lalayants St. 47

Yerevan, Armenia

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Video Conference

Skype or Zoom Conference can be arranged. Meeting link invitation to be supplied.




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